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The Oklahoma Department of Commerce profiles Oklahoma's Main Streets in November 2015 Newsletter.

Route 66, Oil, Rail and Cattle

Route 66 may be one of Tulsa's most under-utilized assets.  Twenty miles of the highway stretch across the city and without the vision of Tulsan Cyrus Avery, considered the Father of Route 66, the now mythical road may not exist. 

In the larger history of the highway, Tulsa is often overlooked.  And until recently the Red Fork area was a quiet segment for the city's own promotional efforts.  All that is beginning to change...

The Route 66 Master Plan was completed by the City of Tulsa in 2005 and long-range funding has been provided through the city's comprehensive planning effort - Vision2025 - for a series of Route 66 improvements.  Nine of the 16 recommended projects are planned for the RFMS project area.  The design committee works closely with city planners to help implement these.

The investments by the city have begun to spur local redevelopment along the corridor.  Those interested in real estate and business opportunities along historic Route 66 are encouraged to contact us at (918) 445-4457.


Below: Historic US 66 along present day Southwest Boulevard, ca. 1935. Courtesy Beryl Ford Collection